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The R 18 Modified By Unique Custom Cycles

From the start, this bike may look like a super advanced build, but the frame is untouched, the gas tank is the same as is the engine. This is the result of an inspired craftsman’s work, good tools and a new BMW R 18 that got some affection and pride.

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R 18 – Modified by UCC


Unique Custom Cycles (UCC)


Ronna Norén


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Taking “Nordic” style to the next level

Taking “Nordic” style to the next level

When the new BMW R 18 first was shown for the public last year, it hit the two-wheeled world with a loud bang. This was simply something else. A big boxer that made you think twice about what it is you really enjoy and yearn for when it comes to motorcycles. The R 18 is heritage, aspiration and a huge leap towards a segment where BMW Motorrad belongs. The new 1800 cc boxer engine is the perfect platform suited for a series of modern, laid-back cruiser bikes.

As a steadily returning consultant, BMW Motorrad use the expertize from Swedish motorcycle genius Ronna Norén and his company Unique Custom Cycles. UCC have been the epiphany of Swedish custom bike building for more than 25 years.

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The devil truly lives in the details

The devil truly lives in the details

Ronna started building his own BMW café racers and scramblers in his spare time and he experimented freely. It was like giving Picasso a paintbrush.

When BMW Motorrad developed the R 18, on the other hand, it was like firing off a multiple stage rocket. The company started by building the BMW Concept R5.

After successfully having been involved in building two different R 18 concept bikes with BMW Motorrad, it was decided to give UCC a shot at building another one. What resulted was a masterpiece. Clean lines, low profile, 21” front wheel with Brembo brakes, inverted Öhlins forks and a fantastic paint job.

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The bike in detail


There are some parts rearranged just a tad, just so that everything looks a bit different and tighter. The oil cooler got a slightly downwards angle to make it less significant. The rear fender was cut and slimmed and the sub frame was reworked to fit the flow, as well as the rear suspension was changed to an Öhlins damper to get the lower ride height.

Rim dimensions

Instead of the original 16” rear wheel and 19” in front, UCC went for 18” rear and 21” front.

Suspension and brakes

The inverted Öhlins fork looks great, and the original 300mm-disc brakes got changed to 340mm ISR discs with Brembo calipers. Not because it is needed, but simply because of the stance. The rear brake is still a 300mm disc and the original 4-piston caliper.

Headlights and handlebars

“The head light is a 5 ¾” instead of the 7” that is original”, says Ronna, who also made the handle bars.


The exhaust system is UCCs own design and the saddle was custom made by Silver Machine in Holland.


After painting the engine black, master painter Håkan Lindberg took care of the burnt orange you see on the tank.


“Personalization is the key to success and happiness“


Ronna Norén

Unique Custom Cycles

A motorcycle manufacturer always has to compromise. Manufacturers, even being a premium label like BMW, don’t always do everything the way you want it to be.

When it comes to the build, UCC already had the perfect machine to start with. The bike appears as if it had simply been painted, lowered, then bended and twisted until you just can’t stop admiring it.

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All in all, the BMW R 18 is a beautiful machine. But not long ago, and not too many parts away, this was a standard R 18 that got transformed to one of the sexiest, big cruisers that ever rolled out of any garage up north. 

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The vehicles shown here may be modified and equipped with third party custom parts and/or self-made components that are neither manufactured nor distributed or tested by BMW. BMW accepts no liability for such modifications (including installation, characteristics and use of the shown custom parts/components). ATTENTION: Modification of series vehicles (including installation and use of third-party custom parts and/or self-made components) may impair riding characteristics! Riding modified BMW vehicles is at your own risk.


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