Diversity with individual class.

Diversity with individual class.

The BMW Motorrad insurance product offers you excellent solutions for both personal and vehicle protection. Discover the range of the product at competitive rates.

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The safety reinforcer.

Those who set high standards when it comes to motorcycles should also expect the very best from their insurance protection. And smart conditions at low rates. The BMW Motorrad insurance provides a comprehensive coverage for your safety and convenience.  

Travel adventures to foreign countries

Travel abroad with insurance coverage in all EU-countries, and beyond with your GREEN CARD (proof of Traffic insurance). In case of accidents when driving abroad, your insurance covers the journey home for driver, passenger and luggage, and assistance by transporting your motorcycle to closest workshop for repair. Assistance insurance is valid, with no deductible, in in all applicable green card countries outside the Nordics and a deductible of only 500 NOK within the Nordic countries.

No requirement for parking in garage

Free parking – for your convenience. During travel, it can be difficult to find locked garage facilities, therefore locked garage is not an insurance requirement. However, we do advice you keep your precious motorcycle locked away when possible. We do also expect you to use a disc lock when the motorcycle is parked, to protect against theft (higher deductible in case theft where disc lock has not been applied).

Accident coverage for driver and passenger injury

Insurance accident coverage up to 200 000 NOK for driver/passenger injury.

Track and safety courses coverage – Improve your driving and safety skills

Vigilant driving and confident handling are essential skills. To encourage further development of driver competence and traffic safety, the insurance covers education of driver safety and bike handling courses, on fenced competition tracks. Please see approved courses as listed here.

The best bonus arrangement in the market

Maximum 10% bonus reduction in case a damage on your motorcycle and no bonus reduction for a damage occurring while your motorcycle has been parked, which is not your fault and you do not know who’s responsible.  

Repair only at BMW authorized dealers - only original spare parts

Your motorcycle is a precision instrument that deserves the highest quality of service, and in case of damage; your motorcycle will always be repaired with original spare parts and adjusted by BMW authorized dealers – for your safety.

BMW Motorrad Insurance is offered upon purchase of new or used BMW Motorrad motorcycle at your BMW Motorrad dealer.

BMW Motorrad Insurance is a cooperation between BMW Motorrad and If Skadeforsikring.

A robust insurance – for you and your motorcycle.

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