Connected Ride smartglasses
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Connected Ride smartglasses

A smart view

The ultimate tool for short and long tours. The BMW ConnectedRide smartglasses are your head-up display for your motorcycle. They project relevant riding information, such as speed or navigation, into your field of view. Your advantage: less distraction, more safety. Due to their slim shape, the glasses can be worn comfortably under a helmet. They come with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses and are available in two sizes.

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Product Details
  • Slimline Smartglasses for motorcycling
  • Less distraction, eyes are kept on the road
  • Display speed, speed limit, gear and navigation instructions in the rider’s field of vision
  • Connected to the motorcycle via the BMW Motorrad Connected app
  • Displays can be configured via the app
  • Interchangeable lenses, tinted and 85% transparent lenses supplied
  • Integrated light sensor automatically adjusts the displays
  • Sporty look.
  • Size: Medium

Focused through the traffic

A head-up display that you can turn on or off at any time. The optical projection module sits above the right lens on the inside. It shows you information about speed, speed limit, gear and navigation in your direct field of view while riding. And it all comes in the familiar BMW Motorrad design. So you can concentrate fully on the road. And whenever you don't need the information, simply switch off the display using the button on the left temple or via the BMW Motorrad Connected app. The charging interface is also located on the temple, through which you supply the glasses with power via the charging cable.

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Fits into your mobile life

Fits into your mobile life

The smartglasses with UV protection look like sporty sunglasses and suit your needs with their slim shape and light weight. Choose from one of four different nose pads for the perfect fit. Depending on the weather, you can choose between the 85%-clear or the tinted lenses. The light sensor automatically ensures that you can always see the riding information clearly and are not dazzled.

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Do you wear glasses? An RX adapter is available separately that fits inside the smartglasses. Once you have been measured by your optician, you can order your corrective lenses directly from the eyewear supplier and clip them into the smartglasses.

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BMW Motorrad Connected app

BMW Motorrad Connected app

The BMW Motorrad Connected app connects your smartphone to the glasses and your bike via Bluetooth. Then you are always connected and can control all functions. For example, you can flexibly adjust the position of the data display to your field of view and your sitting position on the motorcycle. And you can define which driving information you want to show or hide.

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Responsibility for use of the ConnectedRide Smartglasses and for compliance with the respective laws lies solely with you as the user. It is therefore advisable to check the lawfulness in the respective country of use before the first use and at regular intervals thereafter (as well as when you cross a border).

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