Motorcycling is an attitude to life with many facets: from shared experiences to your very own personal style and a fully fledged desire to discover. We offer you the clothing that perfectly matches your passion so that you can enjoy BMW Motorrad to the fullest, wherever you are and however you are travelling. Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. As a result, you will find outfits in our new collection that are not only functional, but also look good –  and will make you look good.

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We have so many great new products, but also some new features for our classics.


Markus Pfister

Head of Gear & Garment BMW Motorrad

Experience the city. Just the way you want it. Whether on the way to work or on the way to a relaxed dinner. With our clothing, you’ll be more than at the height of fashion: smart features and invisible safety technology meet lightweight materials and absolute comfort – for the greatest riding pleasure in bustling cities.

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Heritage and vintage: the casual, good old days are far from over. Who should know that better than you - and us, of course: because our rider’s equipment combines the highest material quality with absolute craftsmanship and clear design. But we don't sacrifice safety at all, we make sure that you can live out your exact style.

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At the end of the day, your trip will only be as comfortable as the gear you’re wearing: we know this as a result of over 40 years of experience. That’s why we make sure we get the highest quality and levels of safety in our touring clothing, supplemented by sophisticated comfort and practical functionality. So you can enjoy every kilometre in any weather.

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From sporting challenge to uncompromising desire for adventure: do you just keep pushing your limits and horizons? We are happy to be by your side. With our equipment, you’ll be protected at all times, enjoy maximum freedom of movement and discover the world in any weather.

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Anticipation is the best feeling – of course closely followed by riding pleasure. You can already find all the looks and equipment for your 2022 season here. Don't hesitate, come have a look.

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