17 - Aug 24, 2025

Iceland On Fire: A Ride Nordic Adventure, Official Partner of BMW Motorrad

Iceland On Fire: A Ride Nordic Adventure, Official Partner of BMW Motorrad

An epic Tour

Iceland, a land where adventure riding takes on an epic scale, presents "Iceland On Fire," brought to you by Ride Nordic AB, an official partner of BMW Motorrad. What could be more adventurous than exploring lava fields, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, river crossings, and the seemingly endless dirt roads that stretch into the horizon? While the thrill of the ride is our paramount concern, Iceland's natural wonders, including Geysir, the majestic waterfall Gullfoss, and the UNESCO World Heritage site Þingvellir, are undeniably integral parts of this adventure.

Our journey begins in Reykjavik and takes us north through Iceland's most exhilarating landscapes. We venture across the Icelandic Highlands to the mystical realms of Myvatn, Husavik, and the imposing Askja volcano, before traversing back via more thrilling routes to the fairy-tale scenery of Landmannalaugar.

This meticulously curated 8-day tour is timed perfectly for the late summer— the only season guaranteed to be free of snow on the passes and to offer the best weather for riding. Our paths primarily wind through gravel roads of varied quality, supplemented by stretches of asphalt. To accommodate different skill levels and preferences, we offer both easier and more advanced route options on two of the days. Our support vehicle is a constant presence, supplying lunch, coffee, spare parts, and tools as needed.

Given the intensive nature of this week-long riding experience, we strongly recommend completing Ride Nordic's Rider Training Offroad Basic course beforehand to ensure you're fully prepared for the adventure that awaits.

This unique exploration is organized, operated, and offered by Ride Nordic AB, ensuring an unforgettable adventure riding experience that lives up to the high standards of BMW Motorrad enthusiasts. Join us as we ignite your passion for adventure with "Iceland On Fire," an epic journey through the heart of Iceland's most breathtaking landscapes.

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