The BMW Motorrad Race ABS is a newly developed system which is again considerably lighter than previous partially integrated systems. With the control module weighing just 1.5 kg and the whole thing weighing just 2.5 kg, it provides excellent prerequisites for use in supersport motorcycles. As well as being lightweight, the system also particularly impresses with an improved response.
A total of four pressure sensors perfectly attuned to one another and to the whole system make this possible. In conjunction with a very elaborate rear wheel lift-off detection, it enables the system to differentiate between an uneven surface and a locking rear wheel better than with the previous system. When actuating the handbrake lever, the front twin disc brake is activated, with only a slight brake pressure being built up on the rear wheel brake. When actuating the footbrake lever, only the rear wheel brake is activated. In the "Race" and "Slick" riding modes, the rear wheel lift-off detection does not intervene in the rider's braking requests. The "Slick" mode allows advanced riders to perform what is known as braking drift, without having to forgo the benefits of a front wheel ABS.
The use of a fourth pressure sensor in the front wheel circuit enables a more sensitive regulation of the front wheel brake pressure than with the previous BMW Integral ABS II, as the actual pressure values in the control and wheel circuits can be directly compared with each other. This also makes it possible to do without throttle apertures, which results in an optimum pressure point and perfect controllability. For special requirements, the BMW Motorrad Race ABS can be switched off separately.
Even if the new system – indeed like any other ABS – cannot redefine the physical limits, the new BMW Motorrad Race ABS provides valuable support and is an enormous benefit when it comes to the rider's safety.
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