Hand brake lever protector

The handbrake lever protector also makes a clear statement of uncompromising sportiness on the road. The curved bow made of aluminium and plastic protects the brake lever on the handlebars from being unintentionally actuated due to contact with another vehicle or damaging the bike if it falls over.

Product Details

  • High-quality protection for the handbrake lever.
  • Bow made of aluminium and plastic.
  • Perfectly matched to the bike’s design.
  • Emphasises the sporty look.
  • Matches the clutch lever protector.
  • Colour: black anodised.

Part Number: 77229829100

Price incl VAT

1 290 NOK *

*Recommended retail price. Local dealer prices may differ from the prices listed here. Price does not include obligatory attachment parts and therefore may be higher. Cost for workshop hours will be added by the dealer.