Option 719 Classic foot lever, adjustable

The exclusive Option 719 Classic milled aluminium foot levers are adjustable and emphasise the classic, high-quality character of the motorcycle. Adjusted to match, the foot levers can also be operated more sensitively when riding on large inclines. The high-quality milled parts with Option 719 branding upgrade the bike’s appearance.

Part Number: 77252462963

Price incl VAT

3 483,00 NOK *

*Recommended retail price. Local dealer prices may differ from the prices listed here. Price does not include obligatory attachment parts and therefore may be higher. Cost for workshop hours will be added by the dealer.

Product Details
  • Better operability and regulation even for sporting use.
  • Height adjustment for brake lever.
  • Distance between gearshift lever and footrest can be varied.
  • Visual enhancement and customisation.
  • High-quality CNC milled parts made of anodised aluminium.
  • Colour: classic silver.